• Jack Rutter


In June 2017 I was approached by a company called Inspired Exchange who do incredible work by deploying Olympians, Paralympian's and other sporting stars to engage with young people to help them reach their potential. Normally, this would be through a motivational talk or coaching session to students expressing the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I've represented them for 3 years now but a new programme was being launched and they wanted me to be a big part of it.

It is called the Athlete Inspired Programme where Inspired Exchange have hand picked only 12 athlete mentors to teach, guide and mentor other athletes the craft of public speaking. Lottery funded athletes are required to do volunteer appearances as part of their funding and we want them to make the biggest impact possible.

It was truly humbling to be asked to do this, especially given that I have only been delivering talks for three years. Pictured below are my Para cyclist who I will be working with over the next year. They have won medals in all of the major competitions and have been a superb group to work with.

I feel very proud that I have been given this role from Inspired exchange and I hope that more incredibly inspiring stories will be told to young people so they too believe that through dedication, hard work and a positive attitude. They can achieve their dreams too!


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