• Jack Rutter


Team GB enjoying the Olympic Park

The Paralympic Games was the most amazing, surreal and inspiring experience of my life. Everything from seeing my mum and sister in tears watching me come out as captain of the GB team on the opening day vs Brazil to scoring against the Rep Ireland with a record fastest goal in the history of the games. 21 seconds.

Vs Ireland

The level of disabilities of the athletes and how well they compensated for this to compete at an elite level was so inspiring. The beautiful sites of Rio, Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf mountain and the beaches were truly beautiful and the warmth and kindness in the Brazilian public who came to watch us and wanted photos and autographs after games was incredible.

Making headway against Ireland

We aimed for 5th and higher in Rio so we achieved our target, the support over there and back at home was overwhelming! So grateful for that. We were so unlucky only losing 2.1 to Brazil and

Ukraine, we went toe to toe with two of the world's best. We smashed the Rep of Ireland 5.1 then comfortably beat Argentina 2.0. We aim to break into the top 4 next and then the top 3 and then make a final over the next 3 years.

Closing Ceremony

Swapping shirts with the Brazil team

Packed stadium for our first game of the tournament vs Brazil

Stadium for the game against Brazil


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